Refurbishment and Renovation

You want to know the real costs? There are many reasons why repairs, renovations and refurbishments are expensive. If the fact-finding has been done properly and there are no false illusions, generally there are no surprises. That's our part. We don't deliver colorful pictures, we help decisionmaking with information.
Residential buildings as well as utility-buildings are treated with a professional eye. From due diligance up to turn-key, thinking from the end.
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Refurbishment in Utility-buildings

Tenants Interiorbuilding or Refurbishment,
Fireprotection-improvements and remedying environmental damage. We go for it.

  • Basics, drawings and calculation of quantities
  • Due diligence and Feasebility studies
  • Checking remaining life time of parts
  • Calculation of costs and investment
  • Reporting and presentation

Refurbishment in Residential buildings

You are planning the renovation of pipings? The balcony is about to tumble down?
Cool fact-finding is the fundament for smoothly done work. We offer to you:

  • Fact-finding
  • Drawings and calculation of quantities
  • Calculation of costs
  • Presentation to the owner or the community